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R. Randy Veillon, a native Louisianian, was the Program Manager for Louisiana’s Small Business Loan Program with Louisiana Economic Development, which provided guarantees on commercial loans to banks. While at Louisiana Economic Development (LED), he assisted with numerous LED incentive programs. Prior to LED, Randy worked in commercial banking for over 11 years. He is a graduate of the University of Louisiana in Lafayette, the L.S.U. School of Banking of the South, and the Commercial Lending Graduate School at the University of Oklahoma in Norman, OK. He is also a certified Economic Development Finance Professional. His deep personal experience in the Lending Industry informed his work in writing Behind the Lenders Desk.

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9 Ways Accounts Receivable Loans are Safer
You may be asking yourself whether accounts receivable loans are safe. Is that true for you right now? Everyone has doubts just before making a next-level move for their business. Borrowing decisions often can affect your credit history, making it more difficult to get the capital you need at.
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8 Ways Lacking Capital Holds You Back
I can't get working capital because I can't get a loan, and I can't get a loan because I don't have collateral! How many times have I heard that complaint? Too many! But it's a more common complaint among business owners than you might think. The question of how to get.
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Randy Veillon Talks Startups
Randy Veillon Speaks on business planning and startups in this interview on HTV10. Topics range from starting a business to getting a business plan written on the cheap to get up and running. Go to the YouTube video and comment to get answers to your questions! Or comment here! Read more
The Veillon 5: Episode 2 (Startups)


Still in the early stages of planning a startup? If so, you'll enjoy Episode 2 of my YouTube show. In this episode of the Veillon 5, I talk about startups that are just getting started and how to morph into capitalization stage safely by minimizing costs. And be sure to.
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Fast and Easy Financing

Rapid Cash Funding - Same Day Funding

Whether you need working capital to make ends meet or expansion capital to speed up your business’s growth, we know you don’t have time to wait. We provide the necessary support to accommodate even credit challenged merchants in virtually any industry nationwide. Every.
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