Bowling Center Thoughts

Bowling centers today are in the entertainment industry which stems from the needs of consumers, and provides true family entertainment.

Major bowling corporations develop and provide market studies, with a prepared business plan, building design, construction budget and operating proforma. The market study indicates whether or not a new bowling alley will be successfully indicated by the feasibility study in a particular location.

An on-site center manager must tightly manage daily operations, and should have accounting experience as well as hands on experience in operations.

Located near a school system could provide retail and entertainment services to a variety of smaller communities.   The retail base if anchored with a super national retailer can give the bowling center added foot traffic.

It helps if there is steady growth of both residential and commercial construction. Any development adjacent to a bowling site will provide additional retail, single family and multifamily homes. The site should be surrounded by retail stores and office buildings.

It’s best when located in a populace of 600,000 people with surrounding communities like small rural towns feeding into the area. The bowling center cannot survive on bowling alone. Most bowling centers today, need at least 48 lanes to remain profitable. In addition, the center needs to have multi-venue supporting games and entertainment for children, along with food and beverages.

It’s not the money you make; but the money you save.

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