Dealing with Constant Change

If it’s true the only constant is change — and I believe it is — then the days of change initiatives with start and stop dates is over. Entrepreneurs are especially aware that change is becoming part and parcel of daily operations.

Risk is a familiar partner for entrepreneurs. But the shifting risks associated with constant change can present a unique set of challenges. There are three primary drivers.

Change Or Die: Advances in technology, increased competition and changes in legal, regulatory or industry requirements force firms to change in response. What’s more, these occurrences now take place on a more frequent basis.

Change To Grow: A desire to increase customer base, improve performance, or pursue expansion strategies requires entrepreneurs to change. The appetite for success is ever-present.

Change Is Good: A philosophical view that change is advantageous. A leadership transition or a rebound from scandal is just two reasons firms might view change as welcome. In this philosophy, change can be either an “offensive” or “defensive” weapon.

Founder & CEO of The Wallace Group

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