Managing Sales for Results

Sales-qualified leads do not just appear out of the ether. They’re created through the process of leads nurturing, which begins with lead generation and passes through marketing qualification, and then finally, to becoming sales-qualified leads.

The way sales people empower their end of the lead nurturing process is through knowing their product or service inside and out. To quote Peter Drucker…

Business is a process which converts a resource, distinct knowledge, into contribution of economic value in the market place. The purpose of a business is to create a customer. The purpose is to provide something for which an independent outsider: who can choose not to buy, is willing to exchange his purchasing power. And knowledge alone (excepting on the case of the complete monopoly) gives the products of any business that leadership position on which success and survival ultimately depend.

Peter E. Drucker
Managing for Results
Chapter 6, page 1

Knowledge is power, especially in the field of sales. Empower your sales teams by training them periodically to embody not just the product/service, but the brand and the company mission statement. All facets of the marketing and sales processes, though different in scope, must work together and cooperate, fully dovetailing into a marketing machine that works for your brand.

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