Marketing – Customer Relevance

Small struggling companies in the beginning of the business cycle are clamoring for customers. Getting the right customer in this market could be brutally competitive.

To benefit quickly in the company’s search for the right customer, the company should section its customer choice base. One method may be to assess the size of your potential customers company. If you are calling on an oil rig manufacture or hotel supplier, you want to be sure you can provide the proper service and sales products to satisfy a potential long term commitment. Another method might be geographical location. Is your company situated to supply good customer service timely and efficiently? The idea is to communicate effectively with your customer base to produce positive results, which will be mutually beneficial.

Becoming more oriented with your competition is the future for growing your customer base. You could form an agreement with a competitor or supplier in your area. Future growth and real company wealth will be realized with group players, not an individual. Example – orthopedic surgeon, teamed with a physical therapist and a chiropractor in a medical practice.


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