Accounts Receivable Loans

Accounts Receivable Loans

Accounts receivable loans allow your business to finance operating costs such as new equipment. The process is relatively quick and easy for the borrower.

Accounts Receivable Defined

Accounts receivable financing loans are loans placed for the business using its existing unpaid accounts receivable invoices used as collateral. It may alternatively employ factoring, in which the accounts receivable are sold outright to a commercial lending institution for a lump cash payment for the equivalent value, minus the factoring fee and any third-party fees. Accounts receivable represent sales revenue to be collected from customers, and created when a business sells goods or services on credit terms.


We can normally turn around accounts receivable loans or factoring cash payments in a matter of days (M-F), not weeks, depending on the completeness and accuracy of your received documents.


We will require:

  • a copy of your ID,
  • your business’s legal name, address and contact info
  • your job title there or authorization of acting member
  • legible copies of your accounts receivable to be considered.

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