Shrimp Wholesaler – Random Thoughts

A distributor of high quality wild-caught domestic seafood is what a good seafood wholesale seller does on a daily basis. The company should offer high quality products and exemplary service to the food service industry. The owner must know the seafood industry well, and will use past experience to build a successful business. He should be well aware of the U. S. Department of Commerce standards for Quality Assurance and implements and follow a rigorous sanitation standard. He follows the FDA’s Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) program for seafood safety.

The plant should be complete with cold storage and have the capacity to store a large inventory of seafood. It’s common for a distributor to take in 3rd party products to be blast frozen/stored.

The distributor usually buy’s shrimp off of the docks direct from the boats and package for retail/wholesale sales. This is a business of pure supply and demand. If the distributor has a quality supply of fresh seafood, he can demand good prices. If management has an extensive knowledge in the marketing of seafood, the business bodes well for its success.

It’s not the money you make; but the money save.

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