A Case for the Business Plan

The Business Plan hymn stands repeating. In the case for the business plan, thoughtful plan writing is a must.

Business plans usually have two objectives – The plan should tell you if something can be done, and how it might take place. The plan should be a “live” plan which could change weekly or even daily, depending on the type of industry you are pursuing. Read faithfully. The following are key sample pointers for a business plan:

Marketing Vision, Business Goals, Tactical goals, Strategic goals, Purpose, Ideal Customer, Market Description, Core Strategy, Core Branding Elements, Logo Colors, Product/Service Innovation, Price Rationale, Marketing Materials, Web Plan, Social Media, Lead Generation, Referrals, Service Experience, Sales Forecast, and Marketing Expense Budget. Be independent and creative for you may have more pointers to fulfill. Consistency and a strong narrative in support of your plan is the key.

Your marketing plan is the “bible”. The plan will not guaranty you a lender or an investor. What your business plan, if properly written, could do is get you in front of a lender/investor. At that point, you have to sell the lender/investor on your plan.


Once you put your ideas to paper, you will be surprised how quickly your business plan becomes a reality. Remember to make updates to the plan regularly.


Seems like a lot of stuff, however if you want to get your business off the ground, the business plan is where you begin. Good luck.

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