Commercial Loan Placement Assistance

We know how much you care about getting your commercial loan placement. Veillon Business Consulting LLC has a method for every situation, depending upon your credit situation and collateral, assets and other various factors. We are able to help most businesses to achieve the funding they need fast due to our long experience in the lending industry and insider perspective and our Founder’s time with researching best approaches for SBA loans.

The Credit Crunch: What It Means for the Borrower

In the past, commercial loan placement was a simpler task. Today, due to the credit crunch that has affected banking priorities, the same loan may take 15-25 different offers to arrive at a placement of the loan. R. Randy Veillon has deep experience getting loans for all types and sizes of businesses, and in all types of industries. VBC brings to bear his experience and connections with lending institutions to your advantage as a business borrower.

Our Process

R. Randy Veillon personally locates the best available lenders for your loan with the institutions typically offering the best terms. VBC will not stop until we either find the loan arrangement approved or no longer feasible in its current state. We don’t get paid if you don’t. And R. Randy Veillon personally will be negotiating and handling your loan

Administrative Requirements:

You will be required to send VBC attractive color photo’s of the property, and we will begin our lender research once we have these. VBC will not be acting as a mortgage broker on this deal, but rather it will be acting merely as a service provider to you. We simply act as the locator of the approving institution and facilitate your loan, which is pending between your business and the financing institution. We cannot service every loan, as market conditions and your credit, collateral and any relevant assets largely may affect the facilitation of a loan deal.

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