Underwriting & Due Diligence

VBC provides underwriting and due diligence for many financial transaction types. One of the most common types is business property mortgage compliance. By understanding mortgage compliance, one can see how other forms of financing compliance might similarly work for other of the larger loan types.

Mortgage compliance typically requires underwriting and due diligence to be supplied by a trained professional. Getting it right can be tricky unless you have an experienced lending expert on hand. Veillon Business Consulting LLC and R. Randy Veillon, founder and principal, understand and facilitate property mortgage loans for both businesses and individuals.

Mortgage compliance services involve:

  • Underwriting
  • Due diligence
  • Internal auditing
  • Mortgage securitization
  • Fraud review
  • Insurance
  • Banks and credit unions
  • Compliance
  • Titles and escrow
  • Credit and collections

Mortgage Audits

VBC provides borrowers and stakeholders with customized post-closing mortgage analysis services, locating typical loan process irregularities. Additionally, we scan for potential compliance infractions. The compliance review process identifies files for auditing, using a wide array of sampling methods.

Mortgage Due Diligence

VBC is experienced with typical mortgage compliance due diligence issues. We evaluate every aspect of the loan prior to submission for processing by the lending institution. We identify potential risks and red flags others miss to mitigate risks, submitting all loan documents to close scrutiny.

Client Underwriting Review

Our resources allow us to provide state-of-the-art underwriting services to account for multiple underwriting review processes currently in use by institutions. If we see a problem, we offer solutions to remedy each issue, case-by-case, providing accurate and consistent data to support the review.

Mortgage Securitization

This is the process of combining and reallocating assets into interest-bearing securities. This reduces risk of owning or lending against these assets and considerably lessens corporate susceptibility. Badly handled securitization can cause pooled assets to deteriorate in value over time, causing potential losses. VBC takes attentive care in producing mortgage securitization according to the client’s unique circumstances.

Mortgage Fraud Review

VBC appreciates the potential financial risks inherent in cases of mortgage fraud. We have experience in locating and exposing red flags and determining ways to prevent these from becoming a weakness in the mortgage. We understand the methods and means by which such fraud is perpetrated and have the ability to discover these well in advance in most cases.

For all of the above reasons, without underwriting and due diligence being handled by a trusted professional, your property loan is often far less likely to go through. Our network of lending resources positions us uniquely to provide a high level of service and quality control in this area. We treat every client’s business as carefully as if it were our own.

You can trust VBC‘s experience and track record to provide the best possible compliance support for your property mortgage loan.